Monday, June 9, 2008

ChezVCK Garden!

Here is our little vegetable garden. These photos were taken Sunday, May 25. It is now Sunday, June 8 and everything you see here has doubled in size. Everything is now enormous! I think it has to do with the copious amounts of rain we have been enduring. Now, I am a true Oregonian and I love the rain. But I am ALL DONE with it. I am so ready for spring and sunshine!

In this bed there is (clockwise from top left corner): rosemary, pole beans, green pepper, basil, chives, oregano, cilantro, snap peas, hot pepper and another bell pepper. The cilantro is no longer a plant; it is instead a cilantro BUSH!

Here are four varieties of tomatoes and four varieties of squash.

Chives and snap peas in the foreground. (Droopy basil behind the chives. Basil needs warm weather, and this is Oregon in June. A normal person would think that it would be at least warm-ish in June. Mwah ha ha ha! You would be sorely mistaken! It has been colder than Siberia this June--really, that was a headline in a Seattle newspaper. But I'm not bitter about it. No sirree. Bring on the parkas and wool mittens! It's June in Oregon!)

Strawberries and mint in the bucket.

A little strawberry! So far we have harvested one. We split it and put it over vanilla gelato.

Mint for Cookie Monster's mojitos!

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Paula said...

Your garden looks great. I'm a fellow Oregonian; however, our garden is just getting started.

Have to say, also, that I adore your cow grill. I laughed at loud when I read your description of it.

Your food posts are lovely, too ... note to self: Don't look at food blogs when hungry ... now I need to eat curry for lunch!