Thursday, July 9, 2009

ChezVCK Solo Dinner

Cookie Monster plays softball one night each week, and while I am a pretty loyal cheerleader, I draw the line at shaking my pom poms at games that begin at 9:45 p.m. So sometimes I dine alone. Here is a dinner I made during one such evening. It's the ChezVCK healthified version of pizza.

Here we have a whole-wheat pita. It's a whole one (not separated into halves/pockets) and fairly thin, so if you wanted to open it up and stuff it, it would be very messy. But it makes a good vehicle for pizza toppings. On this pizza I put a little marinara sauce, slices of turkey pepperoni (pretty much tastes exactly the same as regular, but 17 slices--a serving--is 80 calories, as opposed to eleventy billion like in regular pepperoni) and some chopped green bell pepper. I topped the pizza with cheddar and white cheese (I can't remember what kind exactly, but it was probably provolone) and stuck in under the broiler in our toaster oven. This gets the cheese nice n' bubbly.

I always have vegetables with dinner, so here's my vegetable portion: a large salad with the following:

*romaine lettuce
*a few green olives
*hot pickled peppers
and topped with Trader Joe's lowfat parmesan ranch

All together:

Pizza this way is quick, easy, healthy and, best of all, frickin' awesome!

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