Friday, December 11, 2009

12 things about Cookie Monster

So, I got this idea from this blog. I thought I'd talk about Cookie Monster for just a bit. 12 things, to be exact. Obviously, I keep this blog as anonymous as possible, so I'll keep details to a minimum about Dr. ChezVCK.
1. Cookie Monster has a PhD. Which is why I called him doctor. I'm not a weird sex pervert or anything. ;)
2. He really enjoys doing yard work. Unfortunately, we do not live in a place that requires it anymore, but when we did, he really liked putting on his iPod and raking leaves, or whatever needed to be done in the yard.
3. He is a nerd. I call him this in the most loving way (because I am a total nerd, too). He talks about cells and brain channels to me, and I try really hard to keep up.
4. He loves to play baseball and soccer.
5. He incurred a war wound whilst playing soccer.  A permanent one. My husband is a complete badass!
6. He has cheered me on at every single race I have ever been in. Including the one with 50 mph wind gusts and pouring rain. The man loves me. I am a lucky woman!
7. Cookie Monster likes to do the "pancake-a-thon" whilst I race. Meaning, he eats pancakes while or after I run. We even made T-shirts for it. Really! His says "I heart pancakes" and mine says "I heart running."
8. He is the most generous person I've ever met. We met when we were 15 years old. We've known a lot of people since then.
9. No, really.
10. He loves to watch totally obscure cartoons, like Spongebob, which is *fairly* normal, or AquaTeen Hunger Force, which is beyond any and all of my comprehension.
11. He hates all forms of squash. And he really dislikes onions, but in the past six years I've been cooking for him, he's been eating them more and more. I'm wearin' him down!...
12. (Be forewarned. It's mushy!). I love him. Lots and lots. Probably more than I have ever loved anything or anyone.

So that's my Cookie Monster.


Deanne said...

Yay!! You are super cute. :)

Kirsten said...

Freakin' cute! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...



Stasa said...

Just got your comment and it does seem like we live close. Canton? I would enjoy a running buddy! I haven't been doing so well with the weather though which is taking a toll on my training schedule. Feel free to email me if you would like to meet up sometime.