Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fig Newton Fruit Thins

Foodbuzz recently offered to send me some new Fig Newton thins for free. I like free things, so I said yes. I received a box of the fig and honey flavor.

Cookie Monster had actually recently purchased a box of the classic Fig Newtons since we hadn't had them in a really long time (like, 10 years or something). I expected the eating of these Newtons to be all Proustian, but instead they tasted all fake and chemical-y. Blech!

That being said, however, I actually did like these fruit thins. They are slightly sweet with a nice, subtle cinnamon flavor. But here's a caveat: They are not really very cookie-like, at least to me. They're more like a sweet cracker. When I have a hankerin' for a cookie, I want gooey, squishy and chewy. Hence the opened package of these has been sitting on the counter for the last month. Actually, I bet they'd be better for breakfast crumbled over yogurt or oatmeal.

So, I don't think I'd purchase these cookies with my own money (remember: they were freeee!), but it was an enjoyable experience to eat them.

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