Monday, May 5, 2008

A Trip to the Farmers' Market

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday is go to the Farmers' Market. We have an awesome one in our suburb and an even awesome-er one in the big city. There are so many interesting products to sample and see, and so many interesting people to watch. There is great food for sale to be consumed on the premises, there are a lot of cool dogs and people with their kids, and it's all outside, which means when the weather turns nice, it is absolutely
beautiful to wander around amongst good food raised by local farmers who make their living less than 50 miles from where you live, and all the people who appreciate that. In short, I really, really love the Farmers' Market.

Here is a cool graphic from A Veggie Venture. It is definitely apropos to this post, since I'm going to showcase all I got at the market this Saturday.

Here is some young garlic I bought. No, they are not green onions. It is garlic. It was very fresh and fragrant and delicious.

Here is the garlic again, with the basil I bought in the background.

Now, I love basil. I wish they made a basil perfume so I could smell it all the time. I seriously considered taking a leaf and just rubbing it all over my body. I love the smell that much. Yes, I'm aware I have issues.

Here is the gorgeous, fragrant basil on its own, highlighted by a lovely, deep-red tomato I also bought.

Here is an extreme basil close-up. Whooaaaaaaoooohhh! (Chez VCK will award a fantastic prize to those who can name that movie quote.*) Look how gorgeous and fresh and .... green it is!

And here we have the makings of a killer dinner. I made some homemade pesto (sans the pine nuts, since I didn't have any) with the basil and the young garlic. More on that soon.

Items not pictured that I bought at the farmers' market: Ancient Heritage Dairy's sheep's milk feta and adelle cheeses. These cheeses are incredible. I also love that this dairy is local, and its motto is "Raised with respect, nourished to nourish you." That's something I can get behind.

The adelle is similar to a brie in consistency, but it has a more pungent flavor and a milder rind. It is creamy and distinct and delicious.

The sheep's milk feta... well, that's pretty much one of the best cheeses I have ever had. It is briny, salty and chewy and it has this amazing strong flavor that is complex, but not too strong. Is is so. freaking. good.

Coming soon: I'll post about the delicious meal I made from these ingredients!

*Chez VCK awards you a pat on the back for knowing that quote was from Wayne's World. Nicely done. Aren't my prizes awesome?

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Deanne said...

That guy sells at the Portland Farmer's Market as well, and that Adelle is super-yummy.