Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ChezVCK Garden Explosion!

Ok, so remember how ChezVCK garden began? It was just a few short months ago that Cookie Monster and I shoveled dirt, decomposed kitchen scraps and poop (yep! Poop! Poop from really big cows) into some square wooden buckets and threw in some plants. And now? Look what we got! Mother Nature must really be smiling on us, because we really haven't put much effort at all into the garden. Those plants must really like the dirt and poop combination; they've been growing like weeds. Except edible, good, delicious weeds. Plants, really.

Here are our sugar snap peas. We have gotten three good batches of peas from these babies, and I think they're nearing done now. They were SO. F'IN. GOOD. Some were eaten raw, and others were stir-fried in olive oil with S&P.

Here we have the tomatoes. Lots of flowers, and some tiny fruit beginning.

See? Baby 'mater! Aren't they cute?

And I will love you, and hug you, and call you my squishy!
Can you find the baby zucchini? And look at those beautiful blossoms.

Tiny bell pepper...I see you!

Strawberries!See our cilantro tree? It has tipped over because it's gotten so tall and it can't hold its weight anymore. We still have lots of yummy cilantro, and soon we'll have lots of coriander.

The pole beans don't have any beans yet, but it won't be long now! With the recent bouts of sunlight (hooray! Vitamin D! Oh how I missed you!), the basil perked up and is doing much better. The only thing I'm slightly disappointed with is the rosemary. I thought it would really grow into a bush, like the cilantro surprisingly did, but it has remained pretty stagnant. But we've still got a lot more growin' season to go. There may be hope yet!

Woo Hoo for gardening!


dp said...

Your garden is looking good!

We did snap peas as well, and they were great, but I pulled out the plants last weekend. I'm getting excited about the coming tomatoes and tomatillos we have. Homegrown and salmonella-free!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

What an absolutely GORGEOUS garden! So lush! Man, all these gardens I am drooling over is giving me garden envy! Can't wait to have my own!

Paula said...

Your garden looks terrific! Look at all that bounty! I bet you love just stepping outside and picking whatever you need! Lovely!

Annie Powell, not yet PhD said...

your garden is very nice! I am jealous of all that room you have in your backyard! :)

off topic question- how do you get your photos to look so nice and centered with the little boxes? Mine look like shite and I want to make them look like yours! Do you do anything special?

Anonymous said...

Hello Chez VCK, Who built those wonderful planter boxes your beautiful garden is in?