Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hi Guys! I'm not Dead!

Hello there. I know I've been a major slacker lately, but there's a damn good reason: Chez Stadium made a big move. Cookie Monster and I packed up all our worldly shit into two large metal boxes and paid an obscene amount of money for them to be moved, quite literally, all the way across the country. We're now East Coasters.

My new kitchen is ... interesting. It's fairly good sized in terms of square feet of space. But counter space is at a premium, and so is drawer space and cupboard storage. So half of my kitchen is still in a large cardboard box. Awesome! I have been doing some cooking lately, including my most recent roasting of a chicken, and then subsequent making of chicken stock. It pretty much looked exactly like this. And this. Except with no counter space and no place to put stuff, I have only one onion in my kitchen. Onions are also at a premium. So I did not add the usual amount of onion, garlic and other vegetables to the stock. Meh. I'm over it.

That was the biggest undertaking in New Chez Stadium thus far. I also made some brownies, from a box!, since I have about a half-cup's worth of flour and no cocoa powder. It was a miracle that I could actually find my baking pan!

I think I'll round up my camera and post some pics of the New Chez Stadium sometime soon. Until then, pets, I'll leave you with this, one of my favorite jokes of all time. Because I'm a sucker for puns. And I'm a nerd. I'm not ashamed.
What did one earthquake say to the other?
It's not my fault!

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