Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster!

Cookie Monster recently got another year better, and since he likes to eat tasty things, I made him a special birthday breakfast: chocolate chip waffles with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, and bacon.

Since it was a weekday, I prepared the waffle batter the night before so it was all ready for me in the morning. I simply added the batter to the hot waffle iron, then added chocolate chips on top. They melted into the waffle, making it chocolatety and gooey. In the meantime, I made a chocolate sauce by melting chocolate chips with some milk. When the waffle was done, I poured the chocolate sauce over the top, then topped it with whipped cream. A few raspberries were a lovely garnish. Served with bacon, this breakfast ensured Cookie Monster's birthday started off sweetly. The way to a man's heart indeed!

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