Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mango Pico de Gallo

This is a light salsa good on top of tacos or just for dippin'. You could even bulk it up with black beans and make it a side dish. I did just this for a picnic with some of my running friends, and they raved about it. Making it is so simple a Caveman could do it  any child could do it (I really effin' hate those commercials).

Start by peeling and cutting a mango (this may be the toughest step).
Then add the zest and juice of a lime.

Next, chop some tomatoes.

Then, add chopped cilantro. If you're like me and luurve cilantro, add a lot.

Next comes the chopped avocado.

Then add S&P and a bit of hot sauce. Had I had a jalapeno around, I would've added that too, but since I didn't, hot sauce sufficed. Give it a good stir (but don't crush the avocado) to coat everything in lime juice and the seasonings.

Isn't it pretty? So many bright colors. If you want to impress someone, make this. Just don't tell them how easy it was.
I served mine on top of some chicken tacos, which I also garnished with taco sauce and plain yogurt (which simulates sour cream).

And there you have it! Ole!

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