Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Howdy, folks. Here I am again, back to blog another day.
So, here's the deal: I read a lot of food blogs. Some of them are great, some not so great, but the point is that I read them every day. I find myself wondering about these random people, whom I've never met, thinking about their daily lives. Ain't the Internet grand?
Damn. I just realized I have no photo above the fold for your viewing enjoyment. Welp, Internet to the rescue!

Why yes, I am the most adorable thing you've ever seen!
Several of these food bloggers have enough readers and earn enough money that blogging is their full-time job. What with the current suckage factor of my blog, I'm not expecting any miracles, nor do I think I would want to have blogging as my full-time job. I'm a pretty private person (hence the anonymity here), and I wonder sometimes how these bloggers are able to just put all those details of their lives out there for everyone to see. Perhaps I'm a bit paranoid, but there are a lot of creepers out there, far smarter than I am about how to do creepy things, so I like to keep as much as my life off the 'Net as possible.
But hey, if I want to at least run behind this bandwagon, frantically waving for them to wait up, then I gotta at least show up, right?

So, in that vein, I took pictures of food today. For now, I have something simple. But I have chili in the Crockpot right now, and some tzatziki chilling in the fridge, so I've got some more on the way.
And now may I present to you: My lunch. Da da da daaah! (In case you couldn't tell, those were trumpets.)

Here we have a salad with:
red leaf and romaine lettuce
baked cubed tofu from Trader Joe's 
crumbled turkey bacon
Dressed with a little drizzle of low-fat ranch

And to accompany said salad, a sandwich with:
yellow squash
turkey bacon 
on a honey wheat sandwich thin. 
One side is spread with cream cheese, the other with roasted red pepper hummus.

And here it is in its entirety:

I actually didn't end up finishing the salad; it was a little too much.

So here we are. Let's see where we can go from here.

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