Friday, September 2, 2011

My Lunch for the Past Three Months

Ok, so I'm not normally a person to go on a certain foods kick. I like variety. It's the spice of life, you know. I'll think about what I have in the fridge and concoct a meal from there. Usually it involves what's been sitting for a while and needs to be used up.

But lately, this summer, I've been eating these wraps for lunch, nearly every day. Something about the sweet, crunchy carrots and the soft tortilla emit a siren song that I can't ignore.
This wrap is similar to this one but without the cabbage and other fancy vegetables. Today, my wrap had julienned carrots (they must be cut in this shape so there's a little sweet, crunchy carrot in each bite. Carrot coins would be right out!), julienned cucumbers, pickled jalapenos, black olives, turkey bacon, roasted red pepper hummus and red pepper strips. The fillings vary from day to day, depending on the produce we have, as well as the wrap (most of the time it's a whole wheat tortilla) but it's been pretty much this wrap for the past three months. I think it's because the crunchy vegetables are cold, the wrap is soft and the hummus is creamyalso, the temperature this summer averaged approximately 500 degrees each day, and this involves no cooking.

On the side, I finished off this bag of chips, which was really just a bunch of chip dust at the end of the bag.

And three meatless meatballs for protein. I considered stuffing them into the wrap, but then I wouldn't have been able to dip them in my two different condiments: dijon mustard and ketchup mixed, and BBQ sauce and ranch mixed. (Side note: I love condiments. There are approximately seventy two different condiments in my refrigerator door at this precise moment.)

It's a quick and easy lunch to throw together using whatever you have in the produce drawer. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

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Dr. Powell said...

YUM! Looks great V!!