Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crepes! (Sweet and Savory)

Deciding to honor World Nutella Day, I wanted to make crepes, since Nutella-filled crepes are so good they may as well be filled with crack. They are also one of Cookie Monster's favorites (although, Nutella straight from the jar with a spoon is also acceptable). To seal the deal, I've been wanting to make crepes at home for some time, so I decided to embark upon the crepe adventure. Coincidentally, this place also makes some killer crepes.

Not wanting to make a separate dinner and then a fancy-pants dessert, I opted for asparagus, turkey and asiago crepes for dinner, then Nutella and lemon curd crepes for dessert.

I started by making the (whole wheat, since all I have is whole wheat flour) crepe batter in a blender the night before, then letting it sit overnight (they tell you to do this so the bubbles that can cause tears in the crepes can calm down). The recipe came from my
Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

I then sauteed the asparagus simply, with just S&P and some garlic. Ready to be put into yummy crepes.

I was really worried about my crepes sticking to the pan and ending up with crepe crumbs, as opposed to a "delectable pastry-type thing" (what the French call them), so I doused the nonstick pan in cooking spray after every crepe came out. Even after pouring the batter in, I was worried I'd have to scrape out the cooked batter with a spatula, yell "Shit!" and stomp around the kitchen angrily whilst coming up with Plan B for World Nutella Day at 7:30 p.m. on a weeknight. But, happily, none of that occurred, as I carefully loosened the edges of the crepe and flipped it over without any of the aforementioned drama.

Mmm! Thank you, little crepe, for not sticking! This recipe made several, and they require a good amount of babysitting while they're cooking, so it took a long time for them all to cook. I cooked all the batter at once, and ended up with about 14 or so crepes. I just kept the already cooked ones warm in a low oven while I made the rest.

To go along with the asparagus crepes, I made a simple salad of spinach, leftover roasted sweet potatoes, apples, almonds and bleu cheese. Mmmm!

Asparagus, turkey and asiago crepe, anyone?

And then, on to the good stuff!

I also had this. And this stuff, lemme tell ya, also has crack in it. I could sit down with a spoon and eat the whole damned jar. But I don't particularly enjoy vomiting lemon-flavored... well, anything... so I won't.

Here we have deux crepes a la ChezVCK. Lemon curd and strawberries, topped with some homemade vanilla ice cream I made ages ago, and the beloved Nutella, melted slightly from the warm crepe and topped with a scoop of SO Delicious chocolate soy cream. Tres magnifique!

Hello, lover.


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Anonymous said...

World Nutella Day?! How did I miss that!

Of all the things I missed in France, I really wish I had tried the street crepes.

:) Diana