Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Come and Knock on our Door

Hey there,
Here's a grand tour of the New ChezVCK. It's small and simple, but it works for me and Cookie Monster. Things here on the East Coast are set up a lot differently than we're used to; instead of building
out, they had to build up to save space. So a lot of "houses" (what CM and I think of as apartments) here are three stories, often with a basement. Our apartment used to be a two-story house, but it was long ago converted into two apartments. We have the first floor, and our front door opens directly from the sidewalk...
...And into our living room.

And here is the view from the door.

Walk through the door in this room and you'll be in our office. Note the apartment's sole closet on the left. The length extends the entirety of the room, but still. There is only one freakin' closet.

The other view of the office.

Walk through that door and you'll be in our bedroom.

Bedroom, angle 2. That door you see on the right is the door to the basement. It's just an unfinished basement, so I didn't take any pictures. Our extra stuff and washing machine/dryer live there.

Continue through our bedroom and you reach the kitchen. Yes, you have to walk through the bedroom to get to the kitchen (and the bathroom, for that matter). Some people have set up the apartment differently, based on where the entrances are (there are two other doors leading to the outside), but this is the setup we liked the best, since it's just the two of us. And we don't care if one of us has to walk naked from the shower to the closet (remember, that's through the kitchen and the bedroom to reach the closet).

Kitchen, angle 1.

Kitchen, angle 2.

And finally, through the kitchen into the bathroom. I thought it was weird that all the kitchens and bathrooms we saw were like this; always at the end of the apartment. But then someone pointed out that when these places were built (in the late 1800s!), that's where the water sources were. Makes more sense now.

And there you have it! The new ChezVCK.


Annie Powell, not yet PhD said...

Thanks for posting!
Helps me understand where you are everyday and I like that. :)
Miss you guys so much.
Cannot wait to see you at Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Kinda confused but nice to see pictures! Cute place and I hope you're doing great!


Kirsten said...

Yay, thanks for the pictures! Always nice to have an idea of where people are.

Miss ya!