Friday, November 6, 2009

Hummus/Balsamic Wrap

This wrap is a recreation of a crazy good wrap my good friend D made when we shared meals on a camping trip this summer. In hers, she put red cabbage, mozzarella cheese, hummus, carrots and balsamic vinaigrette. (I think she put some other vegetables in too, but I can't remember which ones.)

Hmm... D does not seem a befitting name for my friend. D is a nickname I associate with a different friend of mine, who is, in fact, a boy, and this D is, in fact, a girl. Perhaps I should come up with another nickname for her? Let's see... Oh! I got it! One of her favorite treats is this ridiculous (as in outrageously decadent) chocolate gateau from a gourmet dessert place in Portland called Papa Haydn. Hence, she shall be known now as Mama Haydn. Because we've already established that she is not a boy.

Ok, back to the wrap. Mama Haydn is a gourmet and she makes lots of delicious things, so I knew our camping dinner would not be just burgers and dogs. This combination of vegetables, even the red cabbage (which I always thought I didn't like much), worked so well together. But the best combination was the hummus paired with the balsamic vinaigrette. It was creamy and tangy and just awesome. I have been trying to recreate that wrap ever since we had it. I got pretty close today.
I used this hummus, which is really fucking tasty. It's safe to say it's one of my favorite hummuses (is that how you pluralize hummus? Oh well. It is now.).

I spread about a tablespoon of hummus onto a whole wheat tortilla, then topped with a slice of deli turkey. Then came the vegetables: red cabbage, carrots, radishes and cucumbers. I then drizzled balsamic vinegar over it all and wrapped it up. I'm not sure if making an actual vinaigrette with the balsamic would've enhanced the flavor; I think what I really like is the tang. I also added the requisite S&P.

I could not taste the turkey at all and would probably leave it out next time, since the hummus has protein in it, too.

I served my wrap with a side of roasted butternut squash (which is my absolute favorite squash! Yes, I have a favorite squash. I am a food nerd. I am ok with it.) and a few spoonfuls of full-fat cottage cheese, which I bought because they didn't have anything lower in fat. Whoo! It is rich when you're used to nonfat dairy! And, because I am weird and really, really like dipping sauces, I added a side of taco sauce with the squash. It got on the cottage cheese, too, and I was fine with that. There was also a bit of extra vegetables that wouldn't fit into the wrap, so I just ate them on the side like a mini salad.
All together now. Lunch is served!


Annie Powell, not yet PhD said...

I'm going with "humm-i."
looks yummy!

jeremy said...

VCK, have you tried making your own hummus? I know that stuff you pictured is good, but homemade takes the cake. I'll send you a recipe if you don't have one.

Good to see you backactive the past week, by the way. And butternut squash? Is there an emoticon for 'thumbs up'?

VCK said...

Yes I have made my own hummus before--Mama Haydn's husband actually has a killer recipe for it. But I find it's easier to just buy it. I don't have a food processor, just a mini-chopper, so the texture never turns out right.