Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Let's go for a Run

There is a beautiful trail bordering the harbor close to our house that I run on regularly. Today I thought I'd bring you along for the ride! Don't worry--you won't even break a sweat.

I start at this park.

The memorial is a large map of Korea etched into stone on the ground.

This red brick road composes the rest of the trail, for the next 3-4 miles at least. Follow the yellow red brick road!

The trail is called the Promenade, and there are many people out and about on it: fellow runners, many, many people walking their dogs and some bikers. It says no bike riding is allowed, but I think this is stupid. The trail is plenty wide for many people, including bikers.

The water taxi is essentially a bus on the water; it makes several stops all along the harbor. I haven't actually ridden it yet, because it's a little expensive, but it sounds like a really fun way to get from point A to point B!

Continuing along the red brick road. There are so many boats moored here!


I think these boats belong to some of the people who live here. Wouldn't it be fun to have a balcony overlooking this? Dining al fresco in the summer, battening down the hatches during a stormy winter...

Looking across the harbor to the other side of the city.

Doesn't a ride on this boat look like fun?

Even when the boats don't float anymore, they're still useful!

The area is very nice, and there are beautiful flowers and other foliage to make it look pretty.

I'm a photography amateur, but I really like this picture.

This is some kind of filtration system or something. Not sure what it is, but it sure looks pretty in sepia!

I kinda like this boat's name. It reminds me of the beer. There is another
huge boat farther down the path--seriously, this boat is enormous--that's called the Spoiled Rotten. I'll say!

Duckies! And look how placid the water is--you can see the bottom!

Here is the caliber of boat Cookie Monster and I could afford.

There's even a restaurant shaped like a boat! This is my normal turn-around spot. Following the path and its many weaves in and out is a lot farther than running along the main road that parallels it, so I typically run the long way there, and take the shorter route back. Lately I have been doing interval training on the straighter stretch home. I think it's improved my speed!

This is on the main road, looking through the fence surrounding those condos.

And that filtration thing again. See the bridge? That's where I took the first picture.

And almost home now. This bar is about two blocks down the street. Note the business hours.
Yes, that is a.m. to a.m.

And then I'm home! The route I just showed you is about three miles. If I didn't turn around at the boat-shaped restaurant, I could continue on the path. It weaves in and out for another several miles and I think you could follow it all the way around the harbor. I think I'll try sometime when I have someone to go with me. Maybe Cookie Monster could accompany me on his bike?
Anyway, thanks for running with me. Told ya it'd be easy!

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Kirsten said...

That's my kind of run, the kind where you don't have to actually move! Glad you found a good, scenic place to run.