Thursday, January 28, 2010

One-Bowl Meal

Lately I have been on a yogurt kick. I really like the nonfat plain Greek yogurt from Trader Joe's. 

Here's how I incorporated it into my breakfast this morning:

That's an apple and a banana, softened and warmed in the microwave. Then I added a palmful of dried dates (which I have also been loving lately. So sweet and chewy; more exciting than raisins), the Greek yogurt (not sure of the amount, maybe 1/2 cup?), 1/4 cup granola and a few oatmeal squares. This was really delicious and really filling. 

A while ago, I had a bunch of buttermilk I needed to use up, so I made a huge batch of pancakes. I froze all of them, and now they're just hangin' out in the freezer, waiting to be eaten. I made three for Cookie Monster this morning, and used some of my apple/banana mixture to make a compote. I cooked it down a little more and added brown sugar and a dab of butter so it got all goopy.

Drizzled at the end with a little maple syrup, Cookie Monster said it was a winner.

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