Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowy, Wintry Charm City

Cookie Monster and I went for a walk in our 'hood last weekend after our latest dusting of snow. We are, currently, as I'm typing right now, waiting for Snowpocalypse 2010, wherein 16-20 inches of snow are predicted within the next 48 hours. No signs of precipitation yet, but we're assured they're coming. I have to say that East Coast meteorologists have been pretty spot-on so far, so take note, Dave Salesky: These people seem to know their shit.

Anyhoo, Cookie Monster and I ventured out for a walk last weekend after we got about 3-4 inches of snow. By this time, most of it had been plowed away on city streets and sidewalks were completely navigable. It was a very pleasant walk; it wasn't even that cold. 

The good thing about the East Coast is that when it snows, people generally know what to do. Salt trucks and plows come by, making getting around so much easier. Again, Portland: Take notes. The bad thing about this is that your car gets completely fucked by the snow/ice/salt. Exhibit A:

Down by the water, the snow against the river was really beautiful, especially with the sun shining.

Snow-covered docks:

And in parts of the river, where water didn't have much movement, it was frozen. Not very far down, but it was still frozen.

There were several ducks on the water, just hanging out and quacking. They must know that I'm a big Duck fan! Cookie Monster threw a snowball into the water near them, and they came to investigate. Before you knew it, all the nearby ducks were congregating near the spot; they thought it was food! It was actually pretty funny.

So, we shall see if severely snowy conditions are to be repeated. Waiting...

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