Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grilled Caesar Salad

I recently tried a delicious grilled caesar salad at this place near our house. Good lord, the salad was amazing! The lettuce had a lovely charred flavor and the croutons were nice and garlicky. I tried to recreate the salad at home.

I started by making my own take on caesar dressing. I combined Greek yogurt, parmesan cheese, dried parsley, lots of cracked black pepper, garlic, hot sauce and salt, then thinned it just a bit with some milk. It was pretty close!

Then I washed and dried my whole romaine lettuce leaves and grilled them on my George Foreman. This was not ideal, and I would just grill them in my cast-iron skillet or even over open flame next time. 

Finally, the croutons. This was the weakest aspect, as we only had what I call "sandwich" bread, which, in our house, is just plain ol' sliced whole wheat bread. I would've preferred ciabatta or French bread, but you gotta work with whatcha got. So I just made garlic toast with two slices of bread, using butter, minced dried garlic, season salt and parmesan cheese.

Alongside, we had some ricotta gnocchi I made a long time ago and froze. The sauce for the gnocchi was sauteed artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, garbanzo beans and parmesan cheese.

The verdict on the salad: A good first effort, but still needs work. But I'm willing to try again!

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