Friday, March 26, 2010

Irish I Were Drinking Coffee!

A certain Irish holiday just passed, and just before said holiday, it was a bit cold here. So, with the inspiration of the Irish, Cookie Monster and I made some delicious coffee. With a hint o' the Emerald Isle. 

Enter the cast of characters: 
*French press Stumptown coffee (some of the very best you can get)
*Irish cream
*Jameson Irish whiskey
*Whipped cream

Pour the whiskey. Notice the measuring device? Actually purchased in Ireland!

Then the coffee. Pay homage to your home state in drinking vessel (optional).

Next, the Irish cream. 

Concede the camera to your husband, who will randomly take pictures of your butt.

Admonish husband for taking said butt photos and resume camera duties. Yes, there are more. No, they will not be published.

Top Irish coffee with whipped cream.

Admonish husband again for sucking down copious amounts of whipped cream directly from can into mouth. Laugh at his slight propellant high from said sucking down of whipped cream.

Delight in a delicious, warming beverage. Slainte!


Cookie Monster said...

For the record, I was not the only one to partake of the whipped cream directly from the can.

And speaking of cans...can you believe my wife actually posted a picture of her ass on teh intarwebs? Nice!

Deanne said...

I'm highly amused by this post. And also surprised that you posted a picture of your ass. To ensure that you really did this voluntarily (and that your blog was not hijacked by said butt-photographer), I demand additional ass footage.