Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome to Chez VCK!

Welcome to my food blog, Chez VCK. I have been contemplating starting a food blog for a while, and finally decided to jump off the cliff. There are thousands of food blogs out there, so it's intimidating throwing another into the mix; there are so many to contend with!

I am simply an amateur cook. I enjoy the art of cooking--being able to make something with my hands is great, and the end product is something you get to eat! What could be better?

I cook in my own little kitchen for myself and my husband, whose blog name I am still deciding. For the time being, let's call him Cookie Monster (I'm sure he would love this moniker, but it's so fitting! He says that cookies are his Kryptonite. The man loves cookies). I am what I call a half-assed vegetarian; I dislike most meat, but will eat it in a few occasions. I try to prepare healthy meals with lots of vegetables and whole grains. I think health is something that many people, especially in the United States, take for granted, so I do my best to maintain this body I've been given.

I hope that with this tiny little corner of cyberspace, I can at least share what I love to do. If it's helpful in any way, that's an added bonus!

So, welcome to my blog!

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