Friday, February 5, 2010

The Best Snowcones, Ever

When Cookie Monster and I were living in Portland and it was snowy one day, I had a stroke of genius. 

That stroke of genius: alcoholic snow cones! Scoop snow, cover with booze, consume, enjoy. I think at that time we made Chambord and Kahlua snow cones. 
Since it recently snowed (and we're waiting for more!), we replicated adult beverages out of snow, but we had a pretty well-stocked liquor cabinet and wanted to sample a lot, so we just filled shot glasses instead of coffee mugs. Enter: the best snowcones ever!

We had Irish creme, Kahlua, butterscotch schnapps, cherry heering, root beer schnapps, Frangelico  and a nip of Chambord.

Just like your snowcones of yore, but with an adult twist. My favorites were the Frangelico and root beer.
Try one today! (Or next time it snows, whichever comes first.)

Incidentally, this is also a good use for snow:

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Anonymous said...

LOVE it! In Vermont last year, the power went out on Christmas so Josh's mom took all all the groceries out of the fridge and in the snow for the day.


p.s. it is my goal to do a decent amount of domestic travelling to see friends this year and you're on the list. I'm thinking a nice New England autumn?