Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby artichokes with Pasta

Here is yet another very typical VCK dinner. Pasta and vegetables is pretty much a staple 'round these here parts. So saddle up, little doggies, and take a look-see here at this dadgum delicious grub!

As you can tell, speaking like this is totally normal for me.

This time, I paired whole wheat elbow macaroni with baby artichokes. These things are awesome! They definitely take some work, but it really pays off. The tiny leaves are inedible since they have no meat at the ends, so you just strip them all off. There is no choke, so the entire heart is what you eat. Cut off the stem, remove all the outer leaves and cut in half. Then boil or steam to al dente.

We made a very simple sauce of olive oil and bleu cheese and tossed in some halved cherry tomatoes. Paired with some garlic toast, it was done! And we called it dinner. And it was good.

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