Friday, April 25, 2008

Egg and Proscuitto sandwich

I live close enough to work that I can come home on my lunch breaks when I have hour-long lunches. Here is something I whipped up for a simple, quick yet utterly scrumptious lunch. I tried to get some protein in since I don't always get enough, and these are the ingredients we had on-hand.

I lightly toasted some artisan bread from Trader Joe's and spread mashed avocado on each side. Then I put a layer of baby spinach leaves over that. Meanwhile, I was sauteeing a few mushrooms in a pan, and then I crisped up a slice of proscuitto. Normally I don't really do the cured meats thing because the texture of the chewy fat grinding against my teeth makes me want to retch. Blech! But when you put the proscuitto in a hot pan for about 2 minutes, it shrivels up (which is really cool to watch! Ok, ok, I know. I am not normal. Oh well) and gets crunchy, thereby removing the nasty-fat-teeth-grinding-retching equation and instead contributing a lovely, crispy light meat flavor to my sandwich. To go on top, I cooked up an egg to over-medium, since I love cutting into the egg and having the yolk run all over everything. I like to sop it up with the bread.

This lunch was

Hmm, I use that adjective a lot. Perhaps I should branch out. Here are some options:
magical, stupendous, marvelous, incomprehensible, inconceivable, incredible, unbelievable, unimaginable, unthinkable; extraordinary, phenomenal, rare, sensational, spectacular; singular, uncommon, unique, unusual, unwonted; conspicuous, notable, noticeable, outstanding, remarkable; impressive, striking; animating, energizing, enlightening, enlivening, exciting, galvanizing, invigorating, stimulating; alluring, attracting, attractive, beguiling, bewitching, captivating, charming, enchanting, entertaining, enthralling, fascinating, interesting

I think I'm set for a while.


Deanne said...

We should all go to breakfast at this place, which is conveniently located half a mile from our house:

Mmmm, runny egg yolks on ciabatta bread . . .

VCK said...

I have been wanting to go there for a while. Let's do it!

Anonymous said...


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Love the chez Stadium joke!


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