Friday, April 25, 2008

Attack of the Giant Matzo Balls!

Oy vey, I'm such a Gentile. A shikseh, if you will. (I have read that this term can be derogatory. But I've never heard it used as such. I understand it simply to mean a woman that is not Jewish. Correct me if I'm wrong.) The closest I come to being Jewish is using kosher salt in my kitchen. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy some delicious typically Jewish cuisine.

I had some awesome homemade chicken stock that I decided I wanted to use to make matzo ball soup. I can't remember why; don't ask me these things! I thought on my first venture I'd better play it safe, so I went with a matzo ball soup mix I found at New Seasons. I think maybe next time I might buy some straight-up matzo meal and try to make my own.

It was really easy. I just followed the box's (Streit's brand) directions, combining the mix with 2 eggs and 1/4 cup oil. This is what it looked like after combining:

The box came with a seasoning packet to add to water. I already had flavorful chicken stock, but I didn't have enough to boil the balls in, so I added some water to it. So, I added about half the seasoning packet to the water/stock mixture just so the stock didn't get too diluted.

I formed the matzo balls with my hands. I made a cute little matzo line. They were all ready to jump into the boiling stock on the stove. Aren't they tsatskeh?

So, here they are, cookin' away. These matzo balls were huge! They really plumped up when the cooked in the stock. (Hey, that's part of a commercial tagline! A big prize to the person who can correctly identify it.*) I will definitely make them smaller next time. I pretty much ignored the box's instructions on what size to make them. I'm an idiot.
So, I ended up with giant matzo balls, but oh well. They were really good. The soup was very flavorful but very simple, and the matzo balls were sort of creamy, both in flavor and texture.

This dish will definitely make another appearance in Chez Stadium. L'chaim! Mazel tov! I'm getting verklempt.

*The big prize is: A thumbs-up from Chez VCK! Congratulations!

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