Friday, April 25, 2008

Pasta with Fake Bruschetta

This was a very typical VCK meal. It was a "I don't really know what I want so let's throw some stuff with pasta and use up some stuff in the fridge while we're at it" meal. Say that 10 times fast! It was a IDRKWIWSLTSSWPAUUSSITFWWAI! Hmm, somehow I don't think it's the next "EVOO."

Anyhoo, I threw some whole wheat spaghetti in a pot and cooked to al dente. While it was cooking, I sauteed some vegetables--some fresh, some frozen--with garlic and olive oil. Hmm, looks like this day we only had fresh carrots. I used snow peas and regular peas from the freezer*. I also had some homemade tomato sauce in the fridge and wanted to use a little of that.

To accompany the pasta, I made some fake bruschetta, mostly because we had some killer bleu cheese and some tomatoes that needed to be eaten. Ok, people. It's time for a little Italian lesson. The word is BROO-SKET-TA. It's an Italian word and should be pronounced that way. I mean, you wouldn't say KAY-SA-DIL-LA, would you? You don't have to be an asshat and over-emphasize the Italian-ness of the word like Giada DiLaurentiis does, but say it right, people.

Here is the toast in the toaster oven. The glare is from my totally awesome, totally professional mad photography skillz. And it's cloudy because the toaster oven door is really dirty. I should really clean that off.

Here's a slightly less glar-ey shot. Damn, the door wasn't magically cleaned off between shots? The cheese has just started to melt. Melty cheese is one of the best substances in the free world. I think cheese should be used as currency. Well, maybe that's not such a good idea. I'd be broke and fat.

Here's the bruschetta after is came out (Remember, it's BROO-SKET-TA). See how lovely the melty, sharp cheese is, and the tomatoes are all soft and sweet? Aaaagggghhhh.

Here's the whole dinner after it came together. I grated a small amount of parmesan cheese on top of each plate for serving. You eat with your eyes first.

And voila! A quick and easy VCK dinner.

*A tip about frozen peas. Mushy peas are
gross. They taste like sweat socks and feel like baby food in your mouth. To avoid this nastiness, only put the peas in at the very last minute of cooking. All they need to do is defrost, which takes approximately 27.6 seconds. Really. I timed it. ;) Really, throw them in the pot after you've turned it off and are ready to serve.


Anne said...

One day while visiting my grandparents, my grandma asked us if anyone wanted a kay-sa-dil-la, made with a flour tor-til-la. I was speechless.

Granted, she is 88 (this was a couple of years ago), but still. I mean, she's lived in Texas for 40 years!

Deanne said...

My mom still pronounces 'salmon' SAL-mon, despite repeated desperate pleas from me.